Dive planning phone Application

BullMix: Simplest planner
Safest dives.

Available for iOS and Android

BullMix is a dive planning mobile application for open circuit or rebreather. From 3 parameters given by the user: the target depth, the bottom time, and the average diver’s gas consumption, the application gives the high and low gradient factors, the Time To Surface (TTS) and the set of gas to use for an optimum decompression.

More over BullMix :

BullMix is now able to minimize the number of tanks. It can also plan those tanks in your hardware and even estimate a maximum bottom time.

Some other important new features:

  • it’s possible to see a CCR only dive.
  • the gradient factors can be adjusted.
  • for a given tank BullMix can show you how to fill it.

Some bugs were corrected and performances enhanced.

Take a look to the help to see what’s possible with this new BullMix version.

Updated version (equivalent to version 1.3 for iOS).

Imperial unit system isn't yet present in the Android version.


  • Let's create a dive.

    A CCR dive uses a rebreather and OC dive in opencircuit.

  • Just enter the parameters: 55 meters, 20 min and 17 l/min and touch Done.

  • We get the dive plan with the TTS

    The proposed Gradient Factors can be adjusted.

  • And a set of tanks for the dive and an optimized decompression.

  • Touch to get the information to fill a tank.

  • BullMix allows to specify the volume and pressure of the tanks to use for a dive. Here none is given.

  • We change the main tank volume to 18 liters.

  • We also change the main bloc pressure to 280 bars.

  • BullMix shows that now we only planned 1 tank where 3 are necessary. The dive is strictly discouraged in these conditions.

  • Touch 2 times on to add 2 tanks, there is now enough tanks. With these 3, BullMix estimates that the maximal bottom time is 25 minutes.

    saves the tanks specifications for the next dives.

  • The 2 new added tanks are by default of 11 liters and 210 bars.

  • BullMix allows to choose between a decompression or a tank count optimization.

    3 tanks are required, TTS is 33 minutes.

    2 tanks are required, TTS is 43 minutes.

  • BullMix lets the diver adapts the mixes to his or her needs. Here we change the first decompression mix to a Nitrox 40.

  • We reject the Nitrox 83 by swiping left the tank.

  • The second decompression mix is now a full oxygen.

  • The TTS changes after the mixes changed.

  • Touch to see the dive description.

  • Steps minute by minute.

  • Stops for the decompression.

  • Share the dive's description by touching .



Is BullMix totally free ?

BullMix is free for recreationnal and sport dives for both CCR and OC. It contains in-app purchases to unlock full CCR dives or full OC dives.

Is cave diving support planned ?

Yes, a cave dives module is planned but no date yet.

Is SRC support planned ?

Yes, a SCR dives module is planned but no date yet.

What is the '*' in a tank's title ?

The star ('*') marks out that the tank was modified from it's original proposition.

I modified a tank and I lost it ?!

BullMix sorts tanks by decreasing MOD, changing the gas ratios changes the MOD, the tank has just moved in the list.

Can I retrieve a dive deleted by mistake ?

No, when a dive is deleted there is no possiblity to retrieve it.


BullMix doesn't collect any personnal data.

BullMix relies on RevenueCat for in-app purchases. Their privacy policy is expressed here.

BullMix will eventually be connected to a dive log. For the willing users, these data could be shared for scientific research. Any change in this privacy policy will be notified to the users.