IDEAL Diving System

Integrated Platform with an Individualized DEcompression Algorithm

Expected for winter 2019

IDEAL is a, integrated platform for management and personalization of your decompression tools. It integrates:

It can be connected to compatible diving computers so it can download your settings and dive profiles depending on your risks and planned dives.

What the IDEAL algorithm ?

It's a decompression algorithm based on Bühlmann ZHL16C but rewritten by mathematicians helped by physiologists.

This work allowed to use not only the main compartment but also the others compartments where the saturation level is high.

Also, this algorithm allows more flexibility the gradient factors give to the classic Bühlmann algorithm. We have introduced a modulation tool that can integrate particular decompression sickness risks for each user.

Finally, the settings for our algorithm changes depending on the dive program and the selected gases. The parameters are defined by recent and reliable scientific data. It's now not up to the diver him self to try to setup his diving computer based on beliefs but the system that does it using an estimation of the diver's risks and the type of dive he whishes to do.

How does the risk is established ?

The risk is evaluated depending on a prior characterization of the subject using known risks defined by physiologists specialized in decompression sickness. A part of this characterization must be realized under medical supervision during a preliminary visit. Other parts can be defined by the user itself using a predefined protocol.

Is IDEAL meant to evole ?

At the time where all devices can be linked one another, it seems essential that the IDEAL platform must evolve with not only the knowledge of decompression sickness but also with better math models.

We'll actively continue our work, notably on these subjects:

The algorithm settings will continuously be challenged by the user physical shape, risks, dive profiles and lastest scientific data about gases use and decompression sickness. And last but not least, IDEAL will warn you if any problem is detected and will help you find a solution.